Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A little Bit of New Year Humor

Ryan & I found this hilarious... especially me -- I watched it 3 times in a row before Ryan proclaimed me ridiculous. Thank you, Uncle Jeff. Why are the alcohol (especially beer) commercials always the funniest? (Molson's "Joe Canada," "The Magic Fridge," "Dude!"... the list goes on) What do I find funny about this?... not sure. I think it's the guy's "Oh... you meant--"

Anyway, we've got days of snow, but no snow days. Which is good for the sake of learning, I know... but not so good for my half-baked lesson plans! ;)

Off to rest up. Til next time (and mind you, I've had quite a post brewing in my head for the past week),
-- happy to be Mrs. Szrama

Just for you Anna: (the aforementioned "Magic Fridge" commercial)

p.s. The Szrama Clan does not endorse the irresponsible, unholy over-consumption of alcohol in any form (especially not Bud Light... yuck!). We just think the commercials are particularly well-done.

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