Saturday, September 08, 2007

From Kira's Camera

My roommate from Rome (and Furman Singers buddy), Kira Vine, is quite handy with the camera, and was our assigned "candid" photographer. I couldn't be more delighted with the shots she got-- if you're barred from Facebook sites by your filter or firewall, here are a few I especially like:

A good close-up of me.

I love it-- it captures the day so well! Lots of joy with my beautiful Valerie (unquestionably the cutest pregnant matron of honor EVER!!). Melissa is clearly wondering what's gotten into me, as if I weren't normally a little kooky, seriously!... and Courtney looks like a model! =D

In Kira's words: "Here it comes, here it comes!" (ps- for extra laughter, check out Anna's face!)

"We're MARRIED!!!"

Our Grand Entrance down the Grand Staircase

Dad's Toast (the song "How to Handle a Woman" from Camelot-- so sweet! And of course, he sang it with ALL the repeats... ;D) That's my friend Devin from high school behind him-- I was so glad to see 4 of my high school buddies there! Kate, Katherine, Rebecca, and Devin, you are sweet friends!

On my way out... I look quite the princess. ;D Which is fitting, for one who married such a Prince!

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