Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Day of the Gladness of Our Hearts...

Wow. My wedding day happened. It's a little sad, not being able to look forward to it anymore. Funny, isn't it? But it DID happen, and it was unspeakably wonderful. I have never had more of my favorite people around me; never felt so deep an outpouring of joyful love; never seen more people take up the basin & towl to serve me; never been so expectant and jubilant at the sight of anyone; never clung so tightly to my Dad with a wonderfully bittersweet mixture of amazement, deep grief at being lost to him, and wonder at all God's brought us through together; never had a sermon tailor-preached to me... and never made such earth-shattering (to me) vows before.

Looking back, I want to go to each guest, to each family member, to each person who helped (and there were SO many), to each gift-giver, to each person who prayed for us all day because they couldn't be there (like the Foremans in Philadelphia, and the Cooks in Bejar, Spain, and so many in Louisville), and CRY on them, and say "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" God is pouring out so much blessing on us right now that I can hardly bear it. Such a weight of responsibility comes with it! Such a debt of love is owed! Such a testimony to such a Great Grace can't be passed over-- it feels like it's got to re-order my life! But really, I guess it's just a bite-sized reflection, a mere fraction of the grace already bought me by the horrible separation from God the Father that God the Son endured. And now the Father's smile is mine. HALLELUIAH!!! I STILL have a wedding Day to look forward to! =D

I can't write more right now, but here are some pictures (not the "official ones," mind you):

My Dapper Groom-- (taken before the ceremony) doesn't he look eager and happy? I love it!

Me Crying & Clinging to my Daddy- when we heard the shofor blow (meaning Ryan was coming down the aisle), we both just fell apart.

My sisters are so beautiful!
Ryan (pastor): "Ryan, you may kiss your bride." Ryan (groom): lifts my veil, and says "I'd really like to kiss you right now." And I said he could.
Hopefully John & Morgan weren't traumatized... ;D

I love this one because of Jenna's face. Such a little minx.

The AMAZING groom's cake. Appropriate for us, ey?
And no, we didn't smash any into eachother's faces. (pre-agreed upon!) I think I look even happier (if that's possible) in all the pictures AFTER I'd seen Ryan!
And, we're off!

More to come...
~Mrs. Szrama =D
ps- check out Ashlea's pics, or Kira's.

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