Friday, September 28, 2007

Blessings on My Birthday

I've already been quite blessed in little (and big!) birthday treats:

Cards from my M/W Preschool Kids & their parents. Talk about sticker explosions! :) I love them! And the moms were SO sweet; gave me this adorable gift basket with my favorite candies/candy bars and a Q'doba gift card (Ryan's & my non-fancy restaurant of choice. It's much a la Moe's). AND they bought a rug for our classroom! I meant to get pictures of all the kids sitting on it-- I don't know if they were more excited about it or if I was! :)

I Ryan & I went to a school "Vision Fellowship" last night, and two of my Pre-K students were there. I found that out only when (on two separate occasions) WHOOSH! "Mrs. Szrama!!" *legs nearly bowled out from under me* They're small and quick enough that you just don't see them coming! They were very happy to meet Mr. Szrama. [Long aside: hehe, turns out one family of girls had a running argument about what his first name was. One of their girls is in my 5-6th grade choir, and another is in my Pre-K class, and the other two I see in the pickup lines and hall ways... anyway, Mary Kate (aged 4) settled it by just asking me "what's Mr. Szrama's name?" innocently in class. The older girls were shocked that she got at it so easily and, their mother laughingly told me, swore "I'd NEVER ask that way!" Goes to show-- innocence and honesty over guile and speculation! Not that the other girls aren't perfect dears.]
There isn't another school on earth that could beat the amount of parental support and student adoration that I get at Dorothy Sayers! As another example, my T/R Pre-K class moms went in together to give Ryan & I a generous Gift Card to Target as a wedding gift on Tuesday!! And my administration is even supportive and encouraging!... and I'm starting to get to know my fellow teachers. We had a grading party at Starbucks last Wed., and I think I'll join them again next week...

And this morning, Sina, John & Jenna showed up on my back porch with a bag of gluten-free baking mixes (YUMMY) and a pan of oven-fresh, piping hot, gooey GLUTEN FREE cinnamon rolls! Happy Birthday indeed!!

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Jeannette said...

Happy birthday, Christina! I wish I could help myself to one of those cinnamon rolls...they look scrumptious!