Monday, June 25, 2007

'Prayed for Daily'

I found this card from my Mother last week, and glued it in my journal as a perfect summary of the blessings my eyes have become aware of as I packed:

1. there has never been a time when I was unloved-- cards from family, friends, even my babysitter abounded!
2. I've been priveleged with singularly good theological teaching, surrounded by it! What a blessing to have my thoughts taught so young!

Valentine's Day 2004
"Dear Christina,
You are prayed for daily and will always have your mother's love. (heart) More importantly than this is the heavenly love that's promised to you unconditionally. He has shown you great love in these past few weeks through this hard trial. What love to minister to you through so many people, songs, books and His Word. "Oh love that will not let you go!" I love you.

What evidence of love, both hers, and His.
Full of thanksgiving and brimming with love,

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