Monday, June 18, 2007


"Oh, it's hard to imagine the freedom we find
from the things that we leave behind."
--Michael Card
Trying to get to that point... it's hard to know what's junk, what's worth carting around, what's good enough to give away. Some things- letters, work, pieces of mail, the wacked-out stories I wrote as a kid- part of me wants to save so that Ryan can see them and know that part of my history. We are made up of so many memories, so many pieces. Maybe I think he deserves fair warning. :)

I've hit on a partial solution of stapling/gluing/somehow affixing those momentos into the chronologically appropriate journal. Oh, yes. There are now 40 of them, not including the notebooks full of sermon notes, poetry, and 'collects'! I am nothing if not a chronicler!

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