Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Beach Vacation

Well, I've been non- blogging for a while now. I claim the 'I was on vacation' excuse for last week. My family and I went to the beach (my favorite vacation spot every year. except for that time my Dad & I went to Oxford-- that was my favorite that year). It was a sunny, scrapbookin', Boggle-playin' adventure in North Myrtle.

Here's a picture from the week... we're all nice and golden crispy. :) Ok. Back to wedding stuff and packing!! 66 days...

~ Christina


KtLw35 said...

Hello, friend!

I just wanted to pay your blog a visit and let you know that I have caved in and gotten one too. Hopefully, I will keep this one up better than previous online journals. I miss you; we should get together sometime soon. Oh, Robin is having a Bible study on Tuesdays is you are interested.

melandaaron said...

That is a grea pic, I lvoe it! It was really nice to see you at church, I know you are getting so excited!!!! It won't be much longer!