Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's so me...

My fiancé sent me this, saying it reminded him of me... HAH.

Those of you who knew me freshman year might recall the little music video my roommate and I produced... to a certain song... But I would never analyse a pop song as I heard it, certainly not out loud.

Ok... maybe I would on occasion.

Ok... maybe I do on occasion.

Ok... maybe I should just take out the maybe and occasion.

Ok... I'm a music major, what do you expect!?

Pop songs are musically boring, anyway. All those I-vi-IV-V progressions...

My beloved knows me well. That's reason to grin. =D


Ryan said...

And... I love you.

I made this one my desktop background: http://www.xkcd.com/c40.html

Scott said...

Hehe. I remember another video we made... which we STILL need to revise.

I-V-I. :-)

Bolo said...

You know, I have no real understanding of music theory, but who cares...I still think this is funny as heck :)