Thursday, March 15, 2007

Example of overthinking?

"Why is our Monday morning fifth grade class so much less enthused about our swing unit than our other fifth graders? Is it because of their group mentality (they seem to be a conglomeration of cliques)? Or because of its particular dynamics in personality (they do have so problems with bullying)? Is it because they're first thing on a Monday, and they're tired, or because they're first thing on a Monday and we're tired? Because they're behind a day from the other classes, and so missed the preparatory "Background" activity? If so, then is the difference because that activity got the other kids excited (using laptops), or because it prepared them and gave them a historical context for swing dancing?"

So many possible factors--how could we ever discern a 'cause'?! I think one lesson I'm learning as I try to become a teacher is that there is so much I DON'T know, and so many things we as humans plain can't figure out. And the world will keep working just fine."

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