Saturday, January 13, 2007

From Ravenna

well, I'd just gotten situated for bed, when I remembered that Dr. O'Rourke found a free wireless connection late last night, so I bolted upright and went through the hotel in my PJs (don't worry they're decent) looking for it, only to find it right in my room! My computer's about to die, though, and the plugs here don't like my adaptor, so this is ultra-short. I'm now in Ravenna, and this has been the most historically-rich/information-saturated day I think of my life. We went to 3 churches, a masoleum, a museum, and a wonderful hot chocolate shop...I mean it was like liquid mousse! Anyway, check out the mosaics of S. Apollinare di Classe-- they are amazing. Ravenna was the capital city of the Western Roman Empire under Justinian, and it's still the mosaic capital of the world. Amazing.

God's teaching me so much, and I'm loving Europe. I forgot how much I love this place!
Got to go to bed...tomorrow we go to mass (optional), and then a group of us are congregating to listen to a sermon, then on we go to Florence for 9 days!! WOOHOO!

Pray for me! I need it!


AE said...

yeah! good news update christina! to be honest... I completely envy you! You don't know how much I've always wanted to go to Italy and learn Italian... or even europe for that matter.... maybe one day... after all I am going to be marrying an artist... perhapse his artistry shall take us there. WHO KNOWS! en fin.... I am thankful for this trip that you've taken. I'm thankful that YOU get to enjoy Italy, the pasta (how cool is that... gluten free pasta in Italy), your comrades there, and the Lord. When People are Big and God Is Small is a book that really helped me understand somethings about my own heart about a year ago... I will pray that the Lord uses that book and His word to come near to you and allow sweet victories in your life. Love you so much Christina!


Jacquita Banana said...

I'm praying for you, Christina! You will love Florence. I may have enjoyed it more than Venice, and that's saying something. =)