Monday, October 09, 2006

Brighter than a Bonfire

Before dinner on Saturday night, my dad prayed that mine & "the other Christina"'s birthday party that was to follow would be a testimony to me of God's grace and love in my life. With my mom, dad, sisters, the Whaley crew (cousins, aunt, uncle), and Ryan around me, that seemed quite an apt request.

And it was. I felt the warmth of it brighter than the bonfire we had in our backyard. God got the glory as I reveled in the grace. He's always loved me. So many people show me grace and mercy every day of my life...and a lot of them came out to show me Saturday night. Pictures and more to come, but I thought I'd testify of that while I had this second. At the "get to know you" first session of our Italy Study Abroad trip, they asked us to complete this sentence 5 ways: "I am..." One that I chose was "loved." I'll stand by that.

Off to a yearbook section editor's meeting, then Dustin Salter (our RUF campus pastor)'s house for dinner!
P.S. ...I miss my Ryan... but I'm so glad to have him to miss! :)


szrama said...

I'm sorry I have to miss you, but happy to have you to miss, too. ; ) There won't be any bonfires (that I know of) when you come to see me, but I'd happily create a dinner, some walks through the park, a visit to a museum, friends, and whatever else comes up into the time. ^_^

melandaaron said...

Happy Belated birthday Christina! Kristin told me it was your birthday! I hope it was great! i love the pics with Anna! I was at Grace on Sunday and was hoping I would get to talk to you but never saw you! Maybe next time!