Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Christmas 2012, Part 2- Greenville SC- Chuchito Making

Guatemalan tradition is to make "chuchitos" (like Mexican tamales) for holidays like Christmas and New Year's.  Chuchitos are cornmeal-filled husks with a kernel of yummy meat & tomato sauce at their center, boiled and served piping hot.  They are a bit work-intensive but not hard... if you know how to do them. Which is the hard part-- they're kind of a lost art!  So my mom had the idea this year to have as many as possible come over and learn from my grandma --known as "Mama Lulu"-- and then enjoy eating the fruits of our labor together as our Christmas feast.

Mom ("Nina" to her grandkids") getting everything ready

Step one:  soaking the corn husks

Mama Lulu washing & soaking

Nicole... being... critical?

Colin & Andrew, supervising with Boy Power

Browning the meat, simmering the sauce, and making the masa (dough)

Tia Anna tending to the adorable nieces & nephew 
Hard to get work done with this much cuteness! 
Mama Lulu & her oldest grandchild (me!)

Simmering one more batch of sauce while 2 batches of chuchitos boil

Explaining how to make strips of corn husk to tie off the chuchitos
Up next-- family photo session and the Meal!!

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