Saturday, May 12, 2012

Two Grads at Once!

It's been a crazy-full week looking forward to the double family-Clemson-graduation of my dad and my youngest sister.  Dad got his PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Anna got her Bachelor of Arts in Biology with a Music Minor.  As you can imagine, we've got lots of family in town (meaning I had to whip the guest rooms into somewhat decent shape) and had a full day of graduation and party yesterday.  Mom did the lion's share of the work- hosting a dinner Thursday and then the party Friday- my job was to do the slideshows.  Here they are for your enjoyment!  I so enjoyed looking at the skads of old pictures and realizing afresh just how much the Lord has blessed us.  We've had so many good times!

Dad's Slideshow

Dad's Graduation from Mama Szrama on Vimeo.  Song credits are "Sovereign Grace" by Judy Rogers (off her Pilgrim's Praise album-- which goes through Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress) and "How Full is the Love of God" off our friend Benjamin Brainard's new album Behold the Savior (it's EXCELLENT!! I plan to do a full posting on what makes this album so good- look it up on iTunes).  
Anna's Slideshow
Anna's Graduation Slideshow from Mama Szrama on Vimeo.  Song credits:  "Great is Thy Faithfulness" by Fernando Ortega (on Shadow of Your Wings: Hymns & Sacred Songs) and "Class Reunion (That Used To Be Us)"" by Lonestar

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