Wednesday, May 23, 2012

37 Weeks!

37 Weeks
Last week I got a wonderful distraction from the end-of-pregnancy-waiting-game in the form of the birth of my niece, Adelaide Mae.  In answer to all of your prayers, the Lord allowed me to make it to North Carolina (barely) in time to witness the miracle!!  (I even got to cut the cord!)  We spent a few days enjoying baby Addie and trying to help out.  I'm glad I got a bit of a third-trimester energy boost!

As far as my own pregnancy goes, I'm progressing along.  37 cm, 159 lbs, baby's heart rate is strong, my bp & heart rate are dandy.  I'm back to my old ways of being ridiculously hungry, and I feel like Liam is taking up ALL the room in my abdomen. I regularly feel identifiable bones pushing FAR out.  He continues to drop-- we'll see how long he sticks around.  Restless legs continues to be my primary torment, though calcium supplements help, as well as peppermint oil on my feet, hot baths & massages from Ryan.  I absolutely hate the sleeplessness.

We are treasuring our days with Eowyn... hard to imagine that our "baby" will be our oldest child in a few weeks!

Ok... I can't sit still any more.

Holding my Blimp


Anonymous said...

you're totally carrying this guy the SAME as with Eowyn! so much for the whole boy/girl high/low carrying myth! You look gorgeous!


Eowyn's Heir said...

I know! I don't think there's really any other way I COULD carry a child... where else would they go? Thanks for the compliment... I sure don't feel gorgeous as I lurch along behind myself, lol.