Sunday, April 08, 2012

Improptu Easter Brunch

We had just gotten home from the Easter service when the doorbell rang unexpectedly.  Surprise!  It was Joanna's son James, his wife Mindy & their little son Lazarus!  They had misunderstood the invite for a family brunch NEXT Sunday, and shown up today.  We were quite happy about the mix-up, as I'd been dying to meet little Lazarus, and this meant Eowyn got to get re-acquainted with just a little bit of the family at a time-- she gets a bit overwhelmed in large groups... which makes sense if you're only 3 feet tall, I guess.

We enjoyed fruit, pancakes, eggs and fried potatoes together and thought it was a great addition to Easter!

She likes her pancakes with lots of jam!

Savta Jo whipping up some eggs

"Sabba Rob, Daddy, and Uncle James" all pulling their best candid faces

Lazarus, 9 mos old... the mellowest, cutest little guy you ever did see!

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