Sunday, April 01, 2012

First Forays into Greenville

Visiting Reedy Falls Park with visiting Aunt Courtney!
We've gone to the Zoo twice-- once with Ryan on a beautiful Saturday, once with my Tia Olga, capped off in a picnic in the neighboring Cleveland Park with Ryan, Poppy & Aunt Courtney!  We've also enjoyed several parks-- our neighborhood playground, Pittman Park (usually with Goose, my sister's dog), and our favorite- Reedy Falls Park downtown.  We LOVE going downtown.  Eowyn's already recognizes the ice cream store on sight and starts requesting "eye-keem" about a block away.  I've got my own favorite, a bubble tea shop called O-Cha.  My aunt gave us a huge coupon book as a Housewarming gift and it's full of fun coupons to help us explore our new town!

We've also visited 3 churches in the area, and have loved them all.  God's people are sweet wherever they gather!
At the zoo with Daddy, meeting Ladybird & Joy (the elephants)
Her Favorite Zoo Attraction:  running through the mister 
Enjoying our Weekly Story Time (every Wed, followed by lunch at Nina's!)
With Mommy & the Brother-bump at the Zoo

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