Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vision Forum & Other Coupon Codes

I've been doing the last of our holiday shopping online this morning, and thought I'd share 3 sites I've used a bit... well, actually 4. You'll see.

The first is It's a meta-search engine that will compile a list of all the prices for a specific book online. It searches Amazon (new & used), Barnes & Noble,, and tons more. It includes shipping, and even finds coupon codes for you! If you are thinking about getting a book for someone, check it first!

The second is Better World Books.They are often cheaper than Amazon, have free shipping (which Amazon Marketplace often lacks), and donate one book to charity for each you buy.  I love their mission for world literacy and environmentally friendly mailing!  As a bonus, use the coupon code CIRCLEKALUMNICOUPON to get 10% off your order total.

Third is Vision Forum.  I like a lot of their products (but try to take their quiver-full, homeschool-only leanings in stride), but tend to find that much is overpriced, and their shipping has been SO expensive in the past.  This year they're getting on the lower-shipping train, though, with $5 flat-rate shipping, AND here's a code to get 20% off your total order:  ALLEXTRA20.  I also have a coupon code for $10 off if anyone wants it, as for me the 20% off was worth more.  Just message me and I'll get it to you!

The sort-of 4th site I recommend is a jumping-off point called eBates.  You log in there and then use their links to go to many of your favorite stores for cash back (a certain percentage of your order).  Barnes & Noble, Better World Books, Land's End, and Snapfish all are on ebates.

Please tell me- what tips, sites & codes do you use to get the most bang for your buck these days?

Enjoy! :)



KSzrama said...

I didn't realize that you were a Circle K alumna. That's awesome.

Jenifer said...

Hello there! I misplaced my $10 off vision forum coupon and was looking to see if anyone wasn't using theirs and found your post. Do you still have the coupon available/is it still good? I appreciate your time and thank you!

~ Jenifer T.