Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Some Eowyn-Tales

At my Aunt LM's house in New York, all the cupboards were at child-level, so Eowyn had enjoyed opening them and peering inside, though she wasn't allowed to touch anything.  Making dinner for the family one night, I was stymied in my attempt to locate their cheese grater.  I turned to Eowyn, always close by, and asked her "do you know where the cheese-grater is?," fully knowing I'd never told her that word in my life.  She thought for a minute, then got up, went straight to the corner cupboard, and pulled out, sure enough, a cheese grater!  "For cheese?" she asked, handing it to me.  I guess all those mornings of watching me grate cheese over her eggs paid off!

Eowyn accompanied me to a friend's prenatal appointment, and with fascination watched the doctor smear gel on her belly, and heard the baby's heartbeat.  Later I found her with a honey bottle, pretending to squirt gel on herself, saying "swich-wich," and then reminding herself "wipe it off!"  At any mention of this friend or her baby (now born), Eowyn repeats this, and finishes with "and he get out!"  :)

I had agreed to sing 2 songs to Eowyn before bed, but couldn't figure out which she wanted. "Yo-po" is what it sounded like, and that wasn't ringing any bells... She kept trying "hung-ee?  cold?"  My mind was racing...what songs do I sing about hunger & cold?  Finally she exclaimed "bok-bok!"  It all clicked:  she was asking for the Spanish folksong called 'Los Pollitos' (thence the yo-po), which is about baby chicks (bok-boks) and how their mom feeds them when they are hungry, and snuggles them when they are cold.  What had confused me was that it's completely in Spanish, and I'd never translated it for her-- she did that on her own.

A friend was over for a snack, and we were eating pumpkin muffins on the couch.  Seeing that our plates were done, Eowyn asked to take them.  Interested to see what she'd do, I let her take them.  She walked straight to her little kitchen (b-day gift) and pretended to wash them right off in its sink.  My little home-maker in the making!

Eowyn approached me with one of her babies.  "This Ellie," she informed me.  I nodded.  "I Mommy," she clapped herself on the chest.  "You 'Stina," she finished, pointing to me.  "You're the Mommy of this baby, not me?" I asked.  "Yep."  Guess I can enjoy grand-parenthood a bit earlier than I thought.  She's also taken to joyfully calling out "Ryan!!" whenever she first sees her father, much to the delight of nursery workers and friends.  Then there was that time she waved and called out "Bye, Kis-teena!" as she was carried into her Sunday School class... 

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