Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mother's Day as a Way to Mother Orphans

Mother's Day 2010
Wow, Mother's Day is JUST around the corner!  I've been thinking- why not use the day to give gifts to our mothers that also benefit motherless children worldwide.  All of these directly benefit orphans in some way.  Here are some ideas:

  • TOMS shoes- you buy one for your mom, one pair is given to a needy child
  • Just Love Coffee- for each bag sold, $5 is donated to an adopting family to offset their adoption cost.  
  • My friend Bethany's handmade shop, For His Glory Designs, which has really cool headband/hair barrettes, among other things.  100% of its proceeds go towards their adoption of 2 children from the DRC.  (I have 2 flowers from her that I wear a LOT.  They of course match 2 of Eowyn's =D)
  • Get a set of coasters from my friend Heather's "Casey Adoption Store" etsy-- these remind us of all that is ours in Christ, and are SO encouraging!  (read their family adoption story here)
  • Donate to Sixty Feet
I'm sure there are 100s of other ways to give gifts that both encourage our moms AND care for someone without a mom.  What are your ideas?


KSzrama said...

Another possibility--Give a gift to charity in honor of Mothers, Grandmothers, and the other influential woman in your life. For folks looking on an international scale, the Girl Effect is a great charity. It seeks to provide healthcare and educational opportunities to most at risk girls currently in poverty.

blythe said...

Good ideas! Sooo... I think you said you were in Greenville this week. Last week we had company, I was sick, and our basement flooded. I was intending on having you over to see our babies. Maybe when you're back? :)

Long Distance Relationship Advice said...

It is a good thing that I stumbled upon this just weeks before Mother's Day comes around. I actually have bee thinking of git ideas for my mom but it seems like every year I end up giving her nothing but my presence and love for her. Your idea of celebrating Mother's Day will surely make the orphans happy. Careful though, they might get attached to you and you to them. Don't get so close if you don't want them to undergo separation anxiety.

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