Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Kawaii Baby Shout-Out

I just wanted to give a quick nod to an amazing cloth diaper company that almost no one has heard of:  Kawaii Baby Diapers.  Their prices are unbeatable:
- $7 for a snapped, one-size pocket diaper with TWO super-absorbant inserts.  I received a round-tabbed one as a shower gift and it fit Eowyn perfectly as an 8 week old with average-sized legs, and it still fits her now as an active 16 month old. Never a leak; my favorite and it's always in the diaper bag because it can go a long time.  Order a set and you get free shipping and prices closer to $6 apiece. (velcro-style closure also available)
- $4.50 for a snapped, one-size cover.  I just ordered some and will see how they go...if they fit like the pockets, though, I'll be set!(velcro-style closure also available)
- $10.50 snapped one-size bamboo diapers with TWO bamboo inserts. I just ordered one and look forward to trying out an all-natural, bio-friendly diaper.

What really sets this company apart is their service, though!  An email to customer service goes straight to the owner and she responds promptly.  I had a question and when she answered, I mentioned that most of my order was going with friends to an Ethiopian orphanage-- babies there are currently diapered in plastic bags, and barely get changed all day.  Diapers are a HUGE need for them!  Anyway, her response was to throw in 5 extra Heavy-Duty pocket diapers for FREE!!  When you think about how many times each cloth diaper can be re-used, the magnitude of the gift increases-- and this was a totally unprompted generous gesture.  (Other companies I've had similar communications with made no such offers.)

Anyway I wanted to put their name out there as one I've found outstanding in performance, but now also in the heart behind the company.  They didn't ask me to say anything, and I don't get a penny for recommending them.  I'm just impressed. :)

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