Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why I Went to Church on Vacation

Ryan had to work all of Sunday morning at the Colorodo DrupalCamp here in Denver. That left me to do whatever I wanted with my sweet Éowyn to do or not do whatever I wanted to do. I thought about going to church... since it was the Lord's Day and all, but thought about the "trouble" of getting a baby ready, myself ready, out the door and to a totally unfamiliar place, driving an unfamiliar car (a Suburban FAR bigger than my Malibu) in a town where I'd never driven before... not to mention finding a church that would be worth going to, and near enough to get to in time... I thought about not going, about just reading the Bible on my own, praying, reading the Bible lessons for VBS I'm going to teach next week... then I looked into my heart.

It took about two seconds to realize just how much I was in need of refreshment. I realized just how much I was in need of hearing Truth, of being around singing believers looking beyond the obvious into the Real. I realized, most of all, that I needed to worship. Lately, I've been having trouble remembering that God is Real, that He is near, that He is there for me to enjoy.

So I found a list of reformed churches online, and went to one with a very cheesy name, but with good stuff on their website-- L2 Church, just a few blocks from our rental house. I got up, got baby and self ready, figured out the garage, the car, the gate, and the alley, drove nervously through the streets that seemed too narrow to be 2 lanes... I got there and I heard singing. It was good to hear.

The sermon, on Hope for the Poor in the Gospel, was good-- I took away several things and hid them in my heart. But I think the pastor could have spoken on just about any topic, and if he'd mentioned Christ, the Gospel, and the reality of our God, it would have been worth it. I kept being moved near tears by so many things. Why? because it was True. Because it reminded me of things I too easily forget.

I need help remembering. I need fellowship with God. That's why I go to church every Sunday, and especially when I'm traveling (because I often struggle to make time with the Lord when on the road). Yes, it's commanded... but it's commanded because it's GOOD. I went to church because my flame is weak, and I need it fanned into fire.

Some might think I went to church because my faith is strong.


I went because my faith is weak.

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