Friday, June 18, 2010

8 Months Old

Dear little munchkin,

As I write this, you are standing, cool as a cucumber, against Nana & Poppy's coffee table, smacking it and growling because you can't quite reach a coaster (yum). When I laugh at this, you grin at me, and I can see that adorable mini-dimple in your right cheek. You just saw a toy that we'd left here, and cried out in delight, then power-crawled over to it. No longer do you crawl like a careful automaton-- you've got speed and confidence. You're also very confident in your standing ability. When you want something else, you try reaching for it, and will occasionally cruise around to it, but usually, you very carefully lower yourself about halfway to the ground, and then "plop!" drop the rest of the way. Boy are you happy to be out of your car seat!

You seem to be learning a new trick every day. Yesterday it was giving five (in English or in Spanish). Today it's growling in "conversation." Just before our trip you started kissing us... You understand "quieto" (be still) very well, which came in SO handy yesterday when I was changing you on the floor of our beach condo (with white carpet!) and couldn't find the wipes, and you had a VERY messy diaper. If you'd disobeyed and started rolling or scooting around... yuck. You sometimes show your frustration with grunts, growls, sighs or fake little cries when told "no," proving that yes, you in fact understand EXACTLY what we're telling you. You really like older kids. You watch Magnus run like a maniac, and you put up with him stealing your toys and bowling you over-- and you appreciate it when he shares with you. You play well with Jane & baby Grace, grabbing toys out of each other's mouths and occasionally sharing. Other favorites are your blankies (2 "travel size" and 1 full sized-- any will do just as well-- it's the silky-and-fuzzy combo that gets ya), your spoons, my lip gloss, and your red paci. If you have a paci and a blankie, you put yourself right to bed. You love the song "Juan Pequeno Baila" (Little Johnny Dances), and your lullaby, "How Firm a Foundation," and any silly song Daddy sings to you. You LOVE music. At church you sing along, especially to the Alleluias. It's so sweet!

Right now you are an extreme mama's girl. You are fine with other people (especially your grandparents & family), as long as you know Mommy isn't anywhere near. If you glimpse me, hear me, or (I swear) smell me, it's over. The tears begin and do not stop. You also love Daddy, and are happiest when BOTH parents are right there with you. You make friends easily, too; two days ago, you cried when Grandpa Presley walked away from us, and held out your arms for him to pick you back up.

This month we weighed you on the fruit scale at Joe Huber's Family Farm, where we picked strawberries, and you were 17.5 lbs. You seem all arms and legs all of a sudden. The only trace of rolly-polly baby fat is around your thighs. The rest is all lean. Your feet grew so suddenly, too! Still no more teeth, though you've been "teething" for about 2 months now.

You eat pretty much anything we give you, though only after cautiously poking your tongue out of very-tightly-closed lips. If it passes taste-muster, you open up. If not, you push the spoon away, growl, or turn your head away. You finally started eating meat this month (ground lamb & ground beef), mixed in with fruit puree. You fed yourself your first solids of steamed carrot and red potato, and steamed cabbage leaves. You (usually) eat solids at 11 am and 5 pm, and you let me know very clearly when you've had enough of them and are ready for your "real meal" (mama's milk). You eat just about anything you can reach, including a strawberry (green head first) while we were picking them, and an entire dandelion.

This month you've added Alabama and Florida to your states-visited list, as we spent 5 days in Pensacola Beach. We, with Uncle Greg & Aunt Kendi, went around to see Daddy's childhood homes, schools, favorite spots, and the Presley grandparents' home. You did NOT like the beach at first (scary-sounding), but by the second day, you really enjoyed bouncing out with Mommy & Daddy in the calmer waters further from shore. You tried to catch a little clam, and were upset that it burrowed into the sand away from you! You look SO cute in your bathing suit! Another first this month was being babysat by Morgan S., whom I used to babysit! (Aunt Sina helped out a lot)

We love your many expressions, and how well you express your emotions despite your lack of vocabulary. One day soon, you'll be talking! I try to remember how quickly you're growing up and savor every minute... even the middle-of-the-night cry fests you've adopted this past 2 weeks with your very-sad congestion and cough.

I could write all night, but it's time to put you to bed, muchachita!


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