Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Ryan and I have been enjoying Thanksgiving here in Greenville, SC, where I spent most of my childhood & college years. It's been great to see my folks and to be free from the pressure of a job... Mom even lets me off of so many of my WIFEly jobs-- I barely am allowed to clean or cook while I'm here!  We ate a big Thanksgiving dinner at my Uncle Steve & Tia Olga's-- my Mom baked the turkey and stuffed mushrooms, Anna did some bruschetta, Nicole made some coffee ice cream to DIE for, I put together a gluten-free pumpkin pie, Uncle Steve made gravy, Heath (my cousin) made mashed potatoes, Derek stole us some cake (long story) and then Tia Olga filled out the rest with apple pie, home made rolls & stuffing (both glutinous and GF), cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes. SO YUMMY!! One of Derek's friends- a British citizen- from college came home with him, so we got to be his first experience of Thanksgiving. :) I hope and pray that the things Matt heard will challenge his views on "religion" as a system, and instead embrace Christ through faith. When we went around the table and each said what we were thankful for, he commented that he'd never seen or heard of a family sitting around and sharing spiritual things like that, and that he was thankful for getting to be there. Lord, plant and water those seeds!!

Then I got sick. :( For the first time in a long time...and pretty badly too. I was begging God to keep Ryan healthy, and to let me recover quickly-- I could all-to-well imagine the ride back three to a truck cab... crowded at best, and miserable when sick. I'm feeling better, though, well enough to sit up and participate in conversation at least. :) God's so kind!
We'll be back soon! And we'll be looking for a new car, so if you have one you're wanting to sell, let us know!
-- a very thankful girl

My sister Anna (18), double-fistin' it on the mashed potatoes.  And to think she used to be the SILENT baby of the family! :)

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