Friday, February 29, 2008

Married in the Mirror

Sometimes the briefest conversations leave me with the deepest thoughts. You know what I mean? John Piper once wrote that "books don't change people: paragraphs do. At times even sentences." (and of course that's all I remember about that particular book, lol) Today I spoke ever-so-briefly with Rob Hamby, who was my campus minister (RUF) at Furman for my senior year in high school through my junior year of college. Anyway, long story short I haven't talked to him since I got married, and haven't seen him for longer than that. He asked how I was doing, and since he's a pastor and all, and a respected friend, I confessed "it's wonderful, being married... but honestly, you technically know you're "totally depraved," but I didn't believe I was totally totally depraved until I got married. Now I know ...all this sin just comes out. (I laughed) Ryan reminds me that it was always there, it just maybe would have stayed hidden longer." Then Rob said, in that quick way of his, exactly what I was thinking, in a way I'd never said it:

"That's right, marriage changes everything. It's a whole new way of looking in the mirror."

We said our goodbyes and "God bless"s, and hung up. Who knows when I'll get to enjoy his & Kendall's company... I'm sure their kids, Wells & Simeon, are nigh unrecognizable to me by now. But, Rob, wherever you are, your words have again taught me. "A whole new way of looking in the mirror." The mirror...seeing myself, in reaction to another, in the eyes of another Image-Bearer; another "God-with-skin," as Ben Patterson puts it. A whole new way of seeing myself as Scripture reveals me to be... a whole new avenue for the Sword of the Spirit to lay me open.


It's off to watch Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children with my Mirror. Hey, Trin, I recognize the music!! :)

---EDIT:--- Sunday, March 2nd:
From my friend Kelsey's Blog...

"[...] Or how living in community truly causes you to see yourself? Which can make you want to just completely run the other way and not face any of your own sin or false identities. This season in my life, Jesus is my Healer. I find him taking the broken pieces and healing it in His time and His way, but also finding that He is bringing complete freedom and healing in areas that seem to have an unpliable grip and stronghold."

I pray that last part is true of me!

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Robert said...

Hey Christina, Dennis Prager is fond of saying, loosely quoted, "waiting to grow up before marrying is self delusion. We grow up when we marry." He also used the mirror analogy. From my time sans spouse I got used to living my life my way. Now that I am married, to an angel, the mirror reveals those blemishes upon which the light of a relationship has cast illumination. Sigh