Monday, June 26, 2006

Small Group, Large Group

I went to my first Small Group at Immanuel Baptist church last night. One of the guys here, David Devasto, gave me a ride to the group that meets at the Marshalls' house, over the river in Indiana. (I'd gotten to talk a good bit with David, because he's a fellow music nerd!! Actually, he's a way more ACCOMPLISHED music nerd than I am. He just got his master's in composition from U of Louisville, and is a very good jazz and classical pianist. He left today for Iowa, where he'll be workin' on a Phd!) The Shueys, the Moodys, a SBTS student named Jennifer, and another family all are in that group, though not everyone was represented last night. It turns out Mrs. Marshall is a musician, too (which I knew but had forgotten), and I recognized a lot of her textbooks as the same ones we have! [Trin-- she actually used the same blue Form book we did!] Sunday was a rough day emotionally for me, but of course since it was David's last Sunday, and I was riding with him, we were there LONG after everyone else left, and the kids were in bed, lol. But I'm glad-- we had great conversation! I like the way they do small groups, though I was a little skeptical at first. Once you're in a small group, you stay in it, unless you move or the group gets too big, in which case you split. I thought that was a little narrow, but the people seem to really love each other! I guess you would get to know people that way!

Saturday night, Ashlea and I had a BIG group over to our not-so-big apartment! It was great! "As You Like It" (a Shakespearian comedy) was/is playing in Central Park, just up the block from us, for free, and a BUNCH of us went to it. It was good (though one actor, a very talented one at that, clearly had his mind in, ahem, the gutter), though it went a bit late ('til 11!), and after that, I was so tired I half-hoped no one came over, despite the big batch of chocolate-chip cookies & two loaves of bread I'd baked, all the cleaning we'd done, and the chips, salsa & tea Ashlea's gotten ready! But, oh, they came over all right. Rob played my guitar (he's a promising songwriter and singer, I will admit) and duly admired it. Warren kept reminding me of another SBTS student, John Patrick, and Doug kept asking me whether or not I could eat various food items. I talked a little more to Christen, Lisa, and Allison, and tried very hard to remember all the names of people I didn't know yet. I didn't do too well with remembering, though, because the next day Sina was asking me who all came, and I was at a loss for all the names. I know we had about 20 people, though, judging from the cups that were used! It was happy to have everyone here, to listen to people laughing and talking, eating and drinking. One thing about the members of IBC I've loved is that they seem to love one another very well. And that is SO sweet to see, to be a part of.

They're also obsessed with Canada. Saturday night Ryan kept insisting I was from Québec. heeheh, but then I turned the tables and started talking about how I moved from there when I was 7, and he got really confused and thought maybe I really WAS from Québec. [David, who was also a part of that conversation, kept talking about armpit pillows, at which time I stopped speaking to him.] lol Pastor Ryan Fullerton is Canadian (so, obviously, is his brother Nathan, who leads worship...and their wives are too). So is another elder, Pastor Chris Shipley & his family, and those of you who know Chris Powell would really laugh if you met THIS Canadian Chris. They are quite alike. And I think there are other Canuks in the mix. I can't seem to escape them. *sigh* Everyone has their crosses to bear... *wink wink*

If anyone has pictures from the Gathering Sat., I'd love to have them! I didn't take any once we got back to our apartment-- I was too busy making sure all the food was ok, and the cups were filled.

I still don't feel real comfortable going around milling about after church services yet, but I am feeling quite at ease in less formal group settings, and there have been PLENTY of those so far. So, see, Mom-- I am breaking out of my usually shy mold and making friends...sort of... ;D


Jeannette said...

Hi Christina, this is Ashlea's mom. Thanks for sharing your blog with us. We enjoyed reading about your time in Louisville with Ashlea, especially since Ashlea doesn't blog about her life.(She just won't obey me!) We are so thankful Ashlea has you for a roommate this summer, and that you have so much in common.

AE said...

hey blogger buddy... it-s ams. It-s funny that you mentioned your adventures in Argentina... i can't belive it was that long ago! You don't know how many times i walk around this tiny town of Carlos Paz and think of our adventures together... it's almost inseperable, Christina. I miss that. I enjoyed that time so much.
I am excited to hear of all your new adventures in Louisville... love you lots Christina.

karuso said...

Thanks for keeping us in the "loop of your life.." We love you so much and are so thankful that the Lord has given you these days in L'ville. Please give Dave and Sina our love and hug the kids for us. "The lot has fallen to us in plesant places" here in VCP. Read my blog for details..
much love in the beloved,
Papa D.

AE said...

hey Christina Maria.... 'cause you're the only one that I know, knows how to do this.... so to you I must ask....
HOW IN THE HECK DO YOU PUT A PICTURE in the picture ID slot on Blogspot?????????? HELP

-amy d.