Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Piggybacking On the Experts...

Maybe someday I'll write a book... "applying what we learn from experts in our own parenting"-- all the techniques I've learned from lactantion consultants and education faculty and occupational therapists and dentists, stuff they had to pay thousands to learn, I can in a small way mimic and apply to my own kids, for free. 

Like this article on pain-management in kids:  Totally gonna use that next time Eowyn needs a shot or stitches or anything painful or scary.

Or like this blog devoted to bilingual parenting:  When we start formal home-schooling, this is gonna be regularly accessed.

Or like the oral exercises I'm using to teach Liam to properly suck:  Using these to "play" with every baby I hold from now on.

Super cool stuff!  I LOVE being a life-long learner!! There is so much to learn and know and apply and do and try and tweak!! :)


Anonymous said...

Just to point out, people "pay thousands" for health care degrees in order to be licensed, board certified, and able to practice, not only to learn. As wonderful as it is to listen to the experts, please do not promote yourself as a self-made doctor/dentist/physical/occupational/speech therapist. Board certification allows for oversight to ensure that our health care practitioners are practicing with the highest standards. It's quite insulting to claim that you can write a book to substitute for the schooling, exams, practice, clinicals, and experience that real health care practitioners have.

Eowyn's Heir said...

Hi Anonymous, I am not sure what in the world you are thinking from this post. Your comment is absurd to the point of me wonering if this is a joke! You totally missed the point of my blog entry. Wanting to incorporate techniques from various disciplines into daily life is part of being a life-long learner, not an effort to supplant expert care.