Monday, March 05, 2012

Moving In

The Cutie taking a bath at Nina & GB's (I was sick in bed at the time)

Getting our new fridge (it has an ice-maker and built-in filter, wow!)

View of our back deck (and the blinds guy =D)

Ryan's office... it isn't a true "before" shot, as the primer is already on the walls, but at least you get the idea. 

Our living room

Ryan's newest gnome, now gracing our front porch =D

She is SO in love with back yard!  The first day we were here she was literally running around in circles, laughing fit to burst

Also loves her new "gi-girl bed" (big girl bed).  It was once Daddy's.

Our guest room/my craft room (my mom's already broken it in!)

My craft closet (off the guest room)

View of the craft-room half of the guest room (see the craft closet off to the right)

Main upstairs bathroom

The nursery

Our bedroom

Our master bathroom

I just love this of her stretched out on the fireplace.  She loves her new home; we all three do.  So thankful.
I've gotten requests for "Before" pictures of our not-quite-moved-in new home.  Since I am still battling the tail-end of a sinus infection (which followed the double-ear infection, following the stomach virus, following the upper respiratory infection, which followed the move), those are all I have the energy to upload. :)  Suffice it to say that my mom & aunt have been life-savers, coming over every day to unpack my kitchen, make me food and let me sleep... so thankful for them!  So far I'm recovering from everything, haven't needed any drugs and am feeling much much better.  Now if these Braxton-Hicks would just let up...

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Jeannette said...

The house looks fantastic, Christina! And I like Ryan's gnome. I plan to create a gnome garden in my backyard this spring. Blessings to you all!