Friday, October 14, 2011

Adventures in Brooklyn

About to enter the River Cafe (no idea how hoity-toity it would be)

Eowyn was not bothered by the high standards in the least

My scallops (which Eowyn shared with me)

Eowyn's potato & goat cheese terrine, accompanied by marinated golden beets (YUM!)

Just reminded me of our old car =D  I didn't get a picture of Ryan's amazing tuna tartare, our favorite

Her first tire swing, in Prospect Park

Two birds that entertained us on our walk home

Bubble Tea!! How I've missed that! :)

Rockin' the Water Play Table in the Brooklyn Children's Museum (she did have a little trouble keeping the water IN the table)

The Sand Table was another huge hit!

Experiencing a Child-Sized Spider Web at the Prospect Zoo
(with cousin Ian, one of Eowyn's favorite new 'Amigos')

Enjoying a turtle shell

The featured event of the sea lion training session

Carousel Ride in Prospect Park

Super cool carousel

Being silly with Ian (of course she was terrified the whole time, then as soon as it stopped asked 'I do dat again?!')

Ian beasting it out helping all the moms bring down their strollers at the Subway stop with a broken elevator

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