Sunday, September 04, 2011

Wool Dryer Balls?

Tell me if these do not look cool! 

Anyone have any experience with them?  I'd love to buy 2-3, but would love some input first.


MSF said...

Just made some about a month ago and I like them so far. I think they might cut down on drying time, but what I really use them for is scenting my laundry a bit, since I use unscented detergent. I put several drops of Lavender oil on each of them and then toss them in with the clothes, and then everything smells nice when I pull it out. plus, they're fun to look at, all colorful and all. :)
I just bought four skiens of wool yarn and then wound it all into 8 balls and then felted them.

Eowyn's Heir said...

U made them?? I briefly thought of it but figured it would be trouble. Was the wool cheaper than buying the balls?

blythe said...

agree w msf ... easy to make, though it helps if you can come by the yarn on sale

Jorpraise said...

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