Monday, June 27, 2011

Overview from San Antonio

Remember the Alamo!
Eowyn and I are enjoying a visit to our friends the Montgomerys in San Antonio, TX.  Jenny (the Mrs. of the family) and I first became friends through our church's ladies mentoring ministry, called (rather cheesily, I must say) "Spiritual Friends."  Both of us were believers, newly-weds, working women, and newly moved to Louisville from out-of-state.  We also both loved scrapbooking, good books, and chocolate.  Over the next four years (and three babies between us) we spent hundreds of ours together, either at Book Club, church,  watching movies together when our husbands worked late, scrapbooking, or eating, or drinking her precisely-brewed hot chocolate (still don't know anyone who can beat it), or at mother's play group outings.  The last year or so of her time in Louisville we started getting together every Wednesday afternoon to scrapbook/craft while our babies napped.  We got quite a bit done, and managed to discuss everything from child-rearing to Harry Potter to recipes and everything in between-- frustrations and fears, struggles and dreams, and the slap-happy laughing that comes to sleep-deprived moms pushed slightly above the limit of sanity.  Our husbands bonded over computers, Drupal, good food & drink, rock music and a shared alma mater (both are Boyce College grads).

Then she moved suddenly.  I was out of town when she called me with the news.  We'd known this day was coming, but not so soon (isn't that how it always is?).  I hurried home across 4 state lines to help her finish packing and load up the car.  Our families shared a final meal of Moe's take-out on their living room floor amidst the final odds & ends of their former life.

I've missed Jenny a lot.  Eowyn and Jane are 9 months apart, nearly to the day, and have always played very well together (well, when they weren't trying to strangle each other).  And my scrapbooking has suffered.  So when Jenny had the brilliant idea of bringing us out to San Antonio for a week, I could NOT say no!  They have very generously entertained us for the past 5 days, and we have more planned for our last 3!  Here are some pics (clips of childish cuteness to follow) so you can enjoy our Texas Adventure with us!

Eowyn playing with her cloth paper-doll on the flight over.

Practicing for life with triplets? (at a play house called Just Add Children)

Power shoppers

These live oaks are so beautiful in a rugged, twisted way.

Pretty much sweet cuteness incarnate, Ryan (13 mos)

Our favorite way to beat the heat!

VERY typical:  Ryan trying to literally dive in head-first, Jane playing safely OUTSIDE the pool.

Eowyn's response to me taking a picture "No!!!" 

The downtown Riverwalk (I'm a fan!)

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