Thursday, September 02, 2010

One More Reason to Have a Baby...

... you get to listen to fun music without anyone looking at you weird! :)  Well...I mean, I assume so.  Never having actually lived in a time when people didn't look at me a little weird, I don't actually know.

I digress.

Lately I've pulled out all those kids CDs I've been slowly stockpiling over the past 4 years, some bought for my preschool class, others for my "nieces and nephew" the young Powells, some for Eowyn... A lot of them would have been too overwhelming for her as a newborn, but now that she starts dancing every single time she hears music (even if it's a little toy's sound), she is more than ready!! We have kid CDs in the car, in her room for naptime, and most used of all, I've put them all on a playlist and we jam to varied music all day long!  To give me a second in the kitchen without tears, I sometimes let her watch the Windows Media Player visualizations from her swing (no more than 15 minutes a day)... she loves it.  Who needs Baby Einstein? 

Anyway here are some of our favorites.  Please suggest more!  We have an "allowance" for her every month for CDs and books!

- Slugs, Bugs & Lullabies (Andrew Peterson & Randall Goodgame)
- Guard Your Heart, If You Love Me, Teach Me While My Heart is Tender, Pilgrim's Praise (Judy Rogers)
- Wee Sing America
- Upward Bound, Olympion & Space Probe (VBS Reachout Adventures)
- Las Numero 1 de Cri Cri (in Spanish)

- Sounds Like Fun (Discovery Toys)
- First Start French I & 2 (the songs on there)
- The Belltower Boys (the Belltower Boys-- my college's all-male a capella group, this is their first CD from way back when...1995 I think!)
- Hide 'Em In Your Heart Praise & Worship (Steve Green)

Also on our list:
- Yeladim for Yeshua & You Gotta Jump (Jews for Jesus)
- Blessed (Judy Rogers)
- Awesome God, To Be Like Jesus, Walking with the Wise (Sovereign Grace Music for Kids)
- any/all of the Seeds albums-- I've just started hearing about these and really look forward to checking them out.
- Wee Sing Christmas
- Hide 'Em in Your Heart Vol 1 & 2, Guardales En Tu Corazon (Steve Green)
- more Cri Cri albums

Of course, we don't always listen to kids music-- we listen to plenty of ethnic music (Irish!!), Indelible Grace, and others of my/Ryan's favorites!

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Rebecca Elves said...

thanks for this list! eric and i have been singing "beautiful girl" to claire every time we put her to sleep. it's one of our favorites and hopefully it will be one of her's as well!