Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nine Months Old

Wow... You are so long and lean, Little One. When I hold you in my arms I'm amazed at how long your legs are... how long YOU are! You're just not a cute little ball of floppy fat anymore. True to form, you're always on the go, pulling up on everything within reach, putting everything in your mouth, climbing up stairs (as of yesterday!) and either crawling or cruising around the house. You try to stand on your own, and have done it for about 5-7 seconds!! You weigh 17.12 lbs (25%tile), stand 29.25" tall (90%ile) and have an 18" head (also 90%ile). As Daddy said, you're tall & skinny with a big head, just like your Dad. :) I think you're just smart.

We still get a billion compliments on your eyes. So blue. Two bits of happy sky always looking up at us. "They're the biggest eyes I've ever seen!" "Where did she get those?" "Well isn't she just as bright as the sun!?" You dazzle everyone with that beautific smile, andthen act all bashful, burying your face in my arms or leaning against my shoulder as soon as you've smiled at someone. Sometimes we can get you to wave "hi" and "bye" at people, and if you're feeling really chipper you call out "hi!!!" and hold up your arm like the Pope in blessing.

Your cognitive skills continue to snowball. You gained 5 words in a week-- first "Ellie," then "Daddy," & "Mama" and then 2 days later, "hi," and "uh-oh" (sounds more like "uh-uh")-- though you still mainly communicate by hyperventilating and grunting. You mimic many sounds and words you hear. You usually get the intonation and the vowels right, or one syllable (ex. "no toques" = "ok-eh" or "all done" = "aaah"). You've just started to dance to music, and you continue to LOVE it (and sounds of all kinds, actually: right now you're crawling around saying "dgn!" "dgn!"). You grin and bounce those legs. You've discovered the joy of smacking things, too. When I ask you where Daddy is, you start looking for him and saying "Daddy" cute! You are still SUCH a Mommy's girl, crying your heart out when I leave (or appear to leave), even if Daddy's holding you. You calm down eventually, though-- the nursery workers and your babysitter all say you're a happy little camper.

You added Colorado to your "places visited" as well as Waterfront Park here in Louisville. We also went back to Jackson, MI for a week, where you played with Amish children and had your toes nibbled by baby goats.

You understand "no" quite well, and at times do not appreciate it. Usually you are compliant, but occasionally you kick one leg, slap, furrow your brow, and shout "uhhh!" which very clearly translates as "no!" At times this is accompanied by throwing yourself backwards. I try not to laugh (it is very funny)... of course the sinful self-will behind it isn't funny, but you really are a pint-sized person!

You still love avocado and egg yolk-- our morning ritual has become for me to fry up 3-4 eggs, sunny side up, and share the yolks with you. Other favorite foods are yogurt (so long as it's mixed with something a little bit sweet), raw milk cheese, avocado, lamb and beef. You even got to try your first french frys! You love to eat! Everything Mama has, you want, showing your desire by waving your arms, kicking, and hyperventilating. You occasionally get sips or licks-- like of grapefruit, coffee or broth. You eat 2-3 solid feedings a day, and have about 5 sessions of mama's milk. I know they won't last much longer, so I try to treasure each one. I'm so glad you've become a cuddle bug lately!! We are really working on teaching you what "come/ven" means, and also how to sit still in our arms for short amounts of time. You've finally started to realize that books are not food, and are enjoying being read to again-- especially when Mama makes the animal noises, or pretends to eat the ladybugs!

I love you, darling. Mi 'cha-cha preciosa. Your soft soft cheek snuggled against my neck is about the sweetest feeling in the world.


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