Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Beautiful Babies!

So many of my friends are rejoicing over new ones! I thought I'd share the joy, and give God some more glory for the intense cuteness He creates! =D

There's Ethan Gill, whose parents are quite good with the camera. He was born a good 2 months ago, so has made his appearance at Immanuel, and also has lots of cute pictures online! This one is pretty recent, and pretty cute. =D

My friends Matt & Mary Scott Foreman welcomed William Cullen (Liam) on July 29, 2007. He definitely already looks like Matt. I don't have any more recent pics than the one they sent announcing his arrival, but I can already tell that! (And I just want to say right now that I have liked the name 'Liam' for a VERY long time...)

Congrats to Ryan's landlords (and our friends/church fellows), J. C. and Randi Tyson, on their son Isaiah's birth. Ryan & I got to hold him and let him suck on our fingers. He's got some pretty strong jaw muscles, let me tell you!

He was born about 2 weeks ago, I think... date, anyone?

Ellie Grace Timmons (my very cute 2 year old neighbor) has a new sister, Lydia, and we've enjoyed her for the past 2 months...but I don't have any pictures of her! :( And friends from Grace, Jason & Julie Staples, just had baby Kayleigh on August 4th. Only 2 babies born at GBC, and about 22 born/expected at IBC. That's a lot of babies. I think the next one will be Jillian Preston: she's due on our wedding day!!

And last but certainly not least, my friends Rachel & Aaron Selph brought home Phoebe Caroline, born July 26, 2007. I just got to meet her yesterday afternoon! Her life is being well- documented electronically, but of all the pics I've seen of her, I think these two capture "her look" best. Look at that mouth-- those are totally "Rachel's lips!" She is a very pretty little baby.
And Caleb only adds to the overall cuteness with his big-brother attentions.

ps. 3 more days...

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